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    21 "Glee" Storylines That Should Be Made Up, But 100% Happened On The Show

    And that's what you missed on Glee!

    We asked the members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most wild thing that they remember happening on Glee. Here are some of the most bonkers responses:

    1. When Mr. Schue had Jake teach the glee club how to twerk.

    2. When Terri Schuester was hired as the school nurse, even though her only experience was as a part-time manager at Sheets 'n' Things.

    3. When Dalton Academy burned down and the Warblers ended up joining New Directions.

    4. When Terri gave New Directions decongestants which, effectively, got them all high as a kite.

    5. When Blaine dated Karofsky, the very man who bullied Kurt and threatened his life.

    6. When there was a gas leak in the choir room, which resulted in the infamous "Muppet episode."

    7. When Sue locked Blaine and Kurt in a fake elevator against their will in an attempt to get them back together.

    8. When Rachel sent Sunshine Corazon to a crackhouse so she wouldn't audition for New Directions and steal Rachel's spotlight.

    9. When Brittany up and became a math genius.

    10. When Quinn got into a car accident and had to use a wheelchair, but then ended up walking around, no problem, a few episodes later even though they made it seem like this would be permanent.

    11. Whenever Mr. Schue performed with the kids, but especially when they all performed "Toxic."

    12. When Quinn convinced Finn he got her pregnant after ejaculating in the hot tub because she didn't want to reveal her affair with Puckerman to him.

    13. When Rachel dated a sex worker, and Santana and Finn threatened him in order to get him to break up with Rachel.

    14. When Mercedes started a school riot because Sue removed tater tots from the cafeteria.

    15. When April Rhodes was allowed to be in glee club even though she was older than Mr. Schue.

    16. When Rachel and Kurt lived in their huge NYC loft even though they had approximately zero dollars.

    17. When Kitty made Marley's costume for Grease smaller and smaller, and then encouraged her to develop an eating disorder.

    18. When Mr. Schue wasn't allowed to go with the kids to Nationals because he slept on a mattress.

    19. When Sue married herself.

    20. When Blaine was almost blinded by the rival warbler with a gravel-laced slushie.

    21. And, the pièce de résistance, when Terri faked her pregnancy and then tried to buy Quinn's baby to cover it up.