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    15 Facts About "The Simpsons" That Had Me Saying "D'oh" For Not Knowing Them Until Now

    Georgie Peluse is the reason the Simpsons are yellow!

    Because of the coronavirus, this year's Comic-Con was online — fine by me! — and I virtually attended "The Simpsons @ Home" panel from, you know, the comfort of my own home.

    "The Simpsons" title sequence in the clouds.

    The panel, moderated by Yeardley Smith — the voice of Lisa Simpson — consisted of Simpsons writers, animators, and directors, and they shared some fun facts about the acclaimed series!


    So sit back and enjoy the content!

    1. "Treehouse of Horror" episodes are the hardest to execute because there are different backgrounds (sets for animation), different costumes, etc.


    Not to mention, each episode is three mini episodes rather than one full episode.

    2. The first "Treehouse of Horror" was split among three directors (since the episode was three parts), but now one director takes on each episode.


    It's seen as a badge of honor to do a whole "Treehouse of Horror" on your own.

    3. Simpsons animator and director David Silverman plays a lot of horns — including the tuba.

    Comic-Con, Fox

    Perhaps he was the inspiration behind Lisa's proficiency with the saxophone? Or she was the inspiration for him? Chicken and egg, folks.

    4. There was a test animation for when Marge got her cast removed — they were testing between having her leg hair look like regular leg hair and having it mimic the hair on her head.

    Carolyn holding up a cell of Marge with different lengths of leg hair

    They went with the former, thank goodness.

    5. There's been a lot of novelty merch for The Simpsons. Like, a lot.


    The iconic pieces of memorabilia include, but are not limited to, Bart Simpson dental floss, a Bart Simpson asthma inhaler, a limited edition Moleman figurine, Bart Simpson cereal, Homer Simpson action figurines, a Matt Groening mini figure, a Hank Scorpio mini figure, and, my personal favorite, a Mr. Sparkle mini figure.

    6. Yeardley's home office has iconic cels of Lisa Simpson — the character she voices — on the wall, but she has no other Simpsons memorabilia in her home.

    Yeardley Smith in her home office

    Cels are one-of-a-kind pieces of art used in the creation of an animated series or film. A still, if you will.

    7. The writers and directors would love for The Simpsons to travel to Mexico for an episode.


    8. Hannibal Buress, Olivia Coleman, David Harbour, and Ben Platt will be in Season 32 of The Simpsons.

    Andrew H. Walker, Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

    9. Jon Lovitz, Kelsey Grammer, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett, Sacha Baron Cohen, Don Cheadle, and Jack Black have been some crew favorites in terms of guest stars.


    10. Don brought in MUSIC for his episode.

    Don Cheadle's character picking up Bart so that he can remove the bucket from Homer's head

    11. Jack had to learn the Korean versions of "Goldfinger" and "What's New Pussycat?" for his episode.

    Jack Black's character holding up a comic book called "The Formidable Mulk"

    The James Bond estate did not clear the use of "Goldfinger," so the show had to switch over to "What's New Pussycat?"

    12. In the '50s, there were comics called the EC Comics, and Matt Groening, the Simpsons creator, used them as inspiration to launch "Treehouse of Horror."

    EC Comics

    13. The earlier "Treehouse of Horror" episodes had a message from Marge warning viewers that it was going to be a spooky episode.


    In reality, the scariest thing that happened was Maggie Simpson carrying a knife. But hey, it was the '90s!

    14. This was the unused ending of the Christmas special.

    A drawing of Homer strangling Bart while he's wearing a Santa hat — Bart, not Homer

    Which, if you're a fan of The Simpsons, is painfully on brand.

    15. Finally, Georgie Peluse — an animator and colorist for the show — had the idea to make the Simpsons yellow and Matt was like, "Yeah, okay."


    The reason she thought of this was that Bart, Lisa, and Maggie didn't have hairlines, so they had to think of a skin color that would also translate into a hair color.

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