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    I've Been Quietly Chuckling To Myself Because Of Ansel Elgort's Tweet Response To A Harry Styles Fan

    I'm only on social media to follow Ansel Elgort.

    Recently, Ansel Elgort has become one of my favorite people to follow on social media. He's a lil' quirky, a tad chaotic, and 100% entertaining.

    Well this week, Ansel ended his two-year self-imposed Twitter hiatus, much to my enjoyment.

    And one of his tweets was so simple, yet so great. It truly encapsulated the ethos of in seven words:

    ppl r legitimately crazy on this app

    Live footage of me reading this tweet:

    As you know, Twitter is a place where stans — fans to the extreme — congregate and express their love and loyalty to their stanee. In this case, the stanee was none other than Harry Styles.

    Now, I PERSONALLY wouldn't say all stans are "crazy," but they can def be headass.

    It seems like Ansel has changed his Twitter ways since coming back to the app:

    i used to use twitter to follow stans


    Sad to say that Ansel's return only included a stream of 11 back-to-back tweets, but he said he's going to return with a present for us all!

    damn this is mad distracting. next time i talk to you ill have an album

    Until then, we wait with bated breath.