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11 Ways To Piss Off Your Hairstylist

Your hairstylist holds your beauty in her hands. You don't want really want to get on her bad side, do you? H/T to mobile hairstylist Nikki Noir.

1. Ask your stylist to give you completely new hair, aka a "Mission Impossible."

2. Miss your appointment and still expect same day or expedited service.

3. Surprise your stylist by booking a trim and blowdry, then asking for highlights and an updo when you show up.

4. Tell your stylist how to do his or her job.

5. Bring your friends and family, who all have an opinion about your hair.

6. Say, "Let's do something fun!" and be vague about what that is.

7. Unleash your kids on the salon and expect your stylist to babysit.

8. Arrive at your appointment unshowered, or fresh from hot yoga.

9. Try to write a check as form of payment.

10. Have Herculean expectations for your weave.

11. Leave your interpersonal skills at home.

But on a good note: "I love when the client is open to options and not stuck in a box with their hairstyles or hair care routine," Noir said.