drewbenvie Chief tinkerer at agency Battenhall.
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  • 36 Highlights From 3 Years At Battenhall

    Three years ago today I took the leap, leaving a comfortable job running a big firm, to set up shop by launching a new type of company with the hope that we could do something new and build a brand people wanted to work for and clients would want to sign up. The rest, as they say, is history. Three years have come and gone, and here are my best bits of the 36 months that have gone by.

  • 35 Reasons Why We Are Sad That Anton Is Moving To LA

    Back in 2013, the first person I offered a job to after founding Battenhall was Anton Perreau. He joined us in the Spring of that year, and now after two years with us, here in London, he is moving to LA. Earlier this week he sent a farewell email around the whole company that everyone said was the most epic ‘I’m moving to LA’ email ever. It very much read like a Buzzfeed listicle in fact. So I’m going to try to go one better, and provide you a summary of the 35 reasons we will all miss Anton when very much indeed when he moves to LA, and in doing so provide also a history of where he has spent the last two years - a look at the his life at Battenhall.

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