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    The 13 Worst PR Disasters Caused By Social Media

    All PR is good PR, so the theory goes. But now social media is all powerful, is bad actually, really good?

    1. Haggerston Tesco gets its own Tumblr

    2. Dominos staff put pepperoni up their noses and pizza up their bottoms.

    ... then get arrested.

    3. HMV X-Factor Firing

    ... but forget that one of them is in charge of the company Twitter account

    4. Kryptonite Locks get blogged and brought down by a Biro

    ... one of the first ever social media company crises.

    5. Rolls Royce's engine that someone tweeted was on fire

    ... it never blew up really, the confused tweets still got blanket coverage in the business papers though.

    6. Starbucks Drake Hands

    7. Ryanair. All of Ryanair.

    8. BA customer complains with a promoted Tweet

    9. Tesco and the horsemeat saga

    ... took out adverts in every paper but the CEO didn't tweet and the brand made jokes on Twitter.

    10. British Gas Twitter Q&A when it put up its prices

    11. I shop at Waitrose because...

    12. WH Smith Carpets

    13. Dell Hell.

    ... 8yrs ago now. Wowsers. But we can't not mention Dell Hell.

    There's truly no place to hide for any company that has lost luggage, strange staff, bad carpets or a rubbish PR policy. Tumblr and Twitter have corporate bigwigs quivering with the fear. Deep breaths for what lies ahead.

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