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    36 Highlights From 3 Years At Battenhall

    Three years ago today I took the leap, leaving a comfortable job running a big firm, to set up shop by launching a new type of company with the hope that we could do something new and build a brand people wanted to work for and clients would want to sign up. The rest, as they say, is history. Three years have come and gone, and here are my best bits of the 36 months that have gone by.

    1. Launch day, 8th March 2013

    Just me and two chairs. There were also tables, but the view wasn't so good from the tables.

    2. Team outings back then were small and simple

    3. Now there's so many of us we have birthday cake practically ever week

    Which is good! CAKE! CaaaaAAAAaaake!!

    4. And chances are you're going to be #MatchyMatchy on any given day

    5. Emojis we count as dearly loved members of the team

    6. And internet connected signs govern our days

    Red means go home

    7. Signs which took some erecting

    8. We have a dog called pinky, which contains sweets

    9. A real dog called Patrick


    Patrick is a girl, and belongs to Andrea our designer

    10. Each of us get a plant of our choice

    Which some people are better at keeping alive than others

    11. And we have a (toy) hedgehog called Barnabé


    Which belongs to Fressex (aka Pauline. She is French but lives in Essex)

    12. Battenhall staff affectionately refer to themselves as Battenbabes

    Anton Perreau / Via

    Which was a term first coined precisely 78 weeks ago by Anton

    13. Battenbabes love team lunches


    At Dishoom Kings Cross especially

    14. Many of them love Star Wars


    Even dressing up for company meetings

    15. And donuts on a Thursday

    16. Battenbabes love beer, and Skittles

    17. But too much beer and the Skittles go EVERYWHERE

    18. Battenbabes love pranking colleagues

    19. Almost as much as they like karaoke

    20. Or winning awards

    21. We do love the awards :)

    22. Battenhall has been involved in some epic events


    Like our annual FTSE 100 social media report launch

    23. And client talks like this one by Steph

    24. And countless industry keynotes where we get to rabbit on about our thoughts on the future of social media

    25. As we've grown, that has meant lots of office hunts

    26. To accommodate the rapidly growing team

    New starter packs at Battenhall for Jonny and Joe who started on the same day

    27. New team members has meant new skills we use with our clients!

    28. And we teach one another these fancy skills in our 20% time

    29. Last year we launched our new WhatsApp News channel

    One of many we run with clients and teams

    30. And our Snapchat

    31. For things like custom Snapchat geo filters, daily news and office updates

    32. And doodling

    33. Which reminds me how much Battenbabes love Christmas

    34. But I think we all agree the best times have been just letting our hair down together out of work

    35. This award winning company is filled with ever so friendly people

    36. So if you would like to come say hello, you are more than welcome


    For job openings, client enquiries and donut deliveries, just check our website