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19 Stans Who Stan'd A Little Too Hard

(feat. Dido) (jk)

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1. The only thing better than this stan who got Lana's autograph on his arm and then turned it into a tattoo is the way Lana reacts after he tells her about it.

4. I'd legit love to see how this stan handles being stuck in line at Starbucks when "Bad Blood" comes on the radio.

One of Katy Perry's fans brought this to her concert in Peru..

5. Then there's Donny, everyone's favorite Ken Barb.

6. No one on this planet could possibly love Jessie J more than Addie.

@JessieJ I loved you at Birmingham arena last night I wanted to meet you I am a huge fan I have a portrait on leg xxx

7. This is how you become a captain in the Rihanna Navy.

Sarah Ridge is clearly Rihanna's biggest fan. #ThePeterKashShow

8. Oh, Carl!


13. Then there's the Beyhive's proudest moment.

14. Let's not forget the Spearsleader who used an appearance on national television to pay tribute to her queen.

15. At the end of the day, nothing compares to Justin Bieber stans.

Justin bieber poster on the wall. Papercuts on my balls.