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    Welcome To "Mockingbird Lane" AKA "The Munsters"

    Only if "The Munsters" were "The Real Housewives Of Transylvania". Sadly/amazingly, that is the actual pitch used in the interview. Also available: The American "Harry Potter".

    Bryan Fuller, known for his offbeat if short-lived cult class "Pushing Daises" returns to television with an expanded universe for America's monster family. While based around the characters from the 1960s, Fuller plans to drag "Mockingbird Lane" into the 21st century, kicking and screaming if necessary.

    Fuller plans to inject his brand of dark humor into the show, which begs the question "Will it be as self-aware and campy as 'Daises' and if so, is this the dawning of new era where vampires are only part of the supernatural landscape instead of the frontrunners?" Exhibit B: Dark Shadows

    Our wardrobe is heavily influenced by Alexander McQueen and his use of animal textures. For instance, with [the vampire] Lily, all of her wardrobe comes from nature. The first time we see her this nest of spiders weaves her dress on her body as she’s standing there. We’ll see ravens come in and assemble her blouse out of their feathers. We won’t see animal skins because the animals are donating as opposed to dying for it. She has domain over nature and nature has a fantastic esthetic.

    On the one hand, "Another remake, really?"

    On the other hand, "At least they're trying to bring it up to date with fresh stories and a quirky outlook by casting Eddie Izzard and the creator of "Pushing Daisies".

    On the third hand (just go with it), "Why would they ruin a childhood classic by changing a single hair on its black-and-white head?!"

    Loop these ad nauseum.