Is Waldo Secretly A Marvel Superhero?

Waldo made an unexpected appearance in a recent Marvel comic book. Now that he’s officially part of the lexicon, it’s time to reveal his true identity.

Can you spot Waldo hidden in the final page of Gambit #8?

This raises the question, is Waldo a superhero? He might be. Think about it.

1. He has a superpower.

The ability to hide in plain sight.

2. He wears a costume.

Like all good superheroes, Waldo knows the importance of brand identity.

3. He has an arch-nemesis.

Odlaw’s only goal in life is to steal Waldo’s magic walking stick (more proof of Waldo’s superhero status!) for his own nefarious purposes.

4. He has a female counterpart.

Like Batwoman and Supergirl before her, Wenda (right) is the female version of Waldo. She even has her own troubled origin, replacing her identical twin Wilma (left) when she mysteriously vanished.

5. He has a quest-dispensing old mentor.

Wizard Whitebeard’s only job is to send Waldo on missions to retrieve lost or missing things.

6. He even has a trusty animal companion!

Woof is technically Wenda’s dog but we’ll let it slide.

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