15 Actors You Didn’t Know Guest Starred On "Hercules/Xena"

Everyone starts somewhere. These campy classics were the springboard for many a sci-fi/fantasy career.

15. Jeffrey Thomas

Jason - Hercules

Better Known As:

King Thror - The Hobbit

14. Charles Mesure

Archangel Michael - Hercules & Xena

Better Known As:

Ben Faulkner - Desperate Housewives

13. Danielle Cormack

Ephiny - Hercules & Xena

Better Known As:

Shota - Legend of the Seeker

12. Roy Dotrice

Zeus - Hercules

Better Known As:

Hallyne the Pyromancer - Game of Thrones

11. Tony Todd

Gilgamesh - Hercules

Better Known As:

The Candyman - Candyman

10. Kimberley Joseph

Nemesis - Hercules

Better Known As:

Cindy Chandler - LOST

9. Bruce Hopkins

Triton - Hercules

Better Known As:

Gamling - Lord of the Rings

8. Julian Arahanga

Cassius - Hercules

Better Known As:

Apoc - The Matrix

7. Antonio Te Maioha

Boraxis - Hercules

Better Known As:

Barca - Spartacus

6. Anthony Ray Parker

Bacchus & Mephistopheles - Xena

Better Known As:

Dozer - The Matrix

5. Claudia Black

Cassandra - Hercules

Better Known As:

Aeryn Sun - Farscape

4. Ted Raimi

Joxer - Xena

Better Known As:

Hoffman - Spider-Man

3. Gina Torres

Nebula - Hercules
Cleopatra - Xena

Better Known As:

Zoë Washburne - Firefly

2. Karl Urban

Cupid - Hercules & Xena

Better Known As:

Bones - Star Trek

1. Bruce Campbell

Autolycus - Hercules & Xena

Better Known As:

Ash Williams - Evil Dead

Bonus! Ryan Gosling

Star of the spin-off show Young Hercules.

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