21 Feuds That Will Never Die

Peace is not an option.

1. Star Trek vs. Star Wars

Should galaxies be long ago and far away or the final frontier?




2. Shamblers vs. Rage Zombies

How do you prefer your inevitable death? Slow and steady or fast and deadly?


Paramount Pictures


3. Xbox vs. Playstation

Because everyone loves Nintendo. Basically do you want to play Halo 3 or The Last Of Us?


4. DC vs. Marvel

Which collection of superheroes is the superior fighting force?

DC Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment


5. Subtitles vs. English Translation

Basically do you want your Sailor Scouts to be cousins or lesbian lovers?

DiC Enterprises

DiC Enterprises


6. Vampires vs. Werewolves

And no, Twilight and Teen Wolf don’t count. We’re talking monsters, not masturbation material.

Warner Bros.

Screen Gems


7. Betty vs. Veronica

The girl next door or the poor little rich girl? Or dark horse Cheryl if you’re into redhead-on-redhead action.

Archie Comics

Archie Comics


8. Android vs. iPhone

“Guys they’re just phones. Everyone calm down,” said no one ever.


9. Kirk vs. Picard

Which management style is better for Starfleet? The “Sex with everything” or the “Never break the Prime Directive…except now”?


10. Pirates vs. Ninjas

One gets wenches, the other gets pizza. Love of ships or showers is the deciding factor.

Walt Disney Pictures

Legendary Pictures


11. Terminator vs. Robocop

Pick your poison: murderous far-future cyborg or murderous near-future cyborg?

Orion Pictures

Orion Pictures


12. Mac vs. PC

Do you prefer to be an elitist snob or a technology bumpkin? Sorry, those are your only options.


13. Red Shirts vs. Stormtroopers

Dying in the line of fire is more an art than a science.

Paramount Pictures



14. Alien vs. Predator

OK so it’s really alien vs. alien but not all extraterrestrials are created equally.

20th Century Fox Productions

20th Century Fox Productions


15. Labyrinth vs. Legend

There are those who prefer their villains as androgynous wizards and those that prefer Tim Curry.

Jim Henson Company

Universal Pictures


16. Han Solo vs. Malcolm Reynolds

Always shoot first and ask questions later. But do you prefer your space westerns with light speed or rapier wit?


20th Century Fox Television


17. Book vs. Movie

We all consume unhealthy amounts of media, but our drugs of choice vary.


18. Harry Potter vs. Lord Of The Rings

Will you speak “friend” and enter or choose to learn Parseltongue instead?

Warner Bros.

New Line Cinema


19. Gwen Stacy vs. Mary Jane

For a shy science geek, Peter Parker sure attracts a high caliber of love interest.

Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertainment


20. Starbuck vs. Starbuck

The most controversial thing about rebooting a future where robots kill all humans — causing us to flee the planet — was gender-bending the hot shot pilot.

Universal TV

NBC Universal Television


21. Classic Who vs. New Who

Scarves or Chuck Taylors? Velvet smoking jackets or bow ties? Choose your cosplay.




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