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    11 Myths Putin Is Spreading About The Crisis In Ukraine

    Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a faltering speech in Moscow about how Russia was doing just fine, really. Sanctions weren’t having an effect on Russia’s economy, he said, while sombrely ordering Russians to work harder. He rambled through his conspiracy theories about Ukraine’s democratic uprising and stumbled over a defence of his invasion of Crimea. In case you actually believe your own story, Mr. Putin, your reality check is here.

    1. Putin Says: Crimea voted to join Russia.

    2. Putin Says: Russia has not deployed troops to Ukraine.

    3. Putin Says: In Eastern Ukraine, pro-Russian militants (backed up by Russian troops) represent the will of the people.

    4. Putin Says: Parts of Ukraine rightfully belong to Russia.

    5. Putin Says: Russia is entitled to a “sphere of influence” around its own borders.

    6. Putin Says: NATO is breaking its promise on expansion.

    7. Putin Says: The Ukrainian government is fascist.

    8. Putin Says: The Ukrainian government is illegitimate.

    9. Putin Says: NATO is hostile to Russia.

    10. Putin Says: Sanctions against Russia are not working.

    11. Putin Says: The West rejects Russia.