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  • 7 Imports and Exports That Make Valentine’s Day Awesome

    It’s a common misconception that Cupid is solely responsible for spreading the love on Valentine’s Day. Nothing against Cupid… but that’s not entirely true. Without international trade, we’d probably be exchanging cheese curds instead of chocolates—or maple leafs instead of roses. Here are some ways Canada’s trade agreements are helping you spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

  • 11 Myths Putin Is Spreading About The Crisis In Ukraine

    Last week Russian President Vladimir Putin gave a faltering speech in Moscow about how Russia was doing just fine, really. Sanctions weren’t having an effect on Russia’s economy, he said, while sombrely ordering Russians to work harder. He rambled through his conspiracy theories about Ukraine’s democratic uprising and stumbled over a defence of his invasion of Crimea. In case you actually believe your own story, Mr. Putin, your reality check is here.

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