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    28 Useful Products For Anyone Who's Always On The Go

    No matter how fast your life is, you still have to wash your hair (sadly).

    1. A French press travel mug for the perfect brew when you don't have time to stop at your favorite coffeeshop (or stop at all, tbh).

    2. A pair of foldable, noise-cancelling headphones so your true-crime podcasts will be immersive on a whole new level. Ignore everyone who isn't solving those mysteries, buddy.

    3. A bamboo lap desk to turn the entire world into your office space. If you answer emails from the passenger seat of your car. It's like you finally got a desk near a window!

    4. A vegan dry shampoo powder that doesn't eat away at the ozone layer like aerosol dry shampoos, but does make an absolute meal of the grease in your hair.

    5. A palm-sized emergency kit so you can be prepared for the next time you trip over a sidewalk crack that's ~somehow~ especially deep.

    6. A cargo vest that'll be a practical and stylish way to make up for all the pocket space you lose just to wear your favorite skinny jeans.

    7. A waterproof notebook for jotting notes to yourself during a downpour. "It's raining, how rude! Why can't these clouds respect the fact I have places to go?"

    8. A fashionable leather clutch with enough slots to keep holding onto that Blockbuster Video Card you don't know why you still have.

    9. A makeup bag that'll lay flat and give you a look at your supplies without all the digging and dumping you're tired of suffering through.

    10. A four-pack of airtight, reusable food bags, because soup shouldn't only be a work-meal option for people who have enough room in their bags for cans and/or plasticware.

    11. A grid organizer to keep all your cords, gadgets, breath mints to give to people who sit too close to you, and other essentials in their proper places.

    12. An anti-theft backpack so a pickpocket can have the same difficulty finding your zippers that you do after a few glasses of wine.

    13. And a leakproof bento box for packing lunches that won't spill in your new backpack. Now, if only there was a way to stop Lunch Thief Betty from swiping your cute food!

    14. A water-repellant pocket blanket that's a serious multi-tasker. You can use it as a picnic blanket or beach throw, on a hike or a flight (to keep warm), or even as a makeshift rain poncho.

    15. A shatterproof and collapsible water bottle to hydrate you on the go, then only take up a ~reasonable~ amount of space in your bag when it's empty.

    16. A handbag organizer so your bag can reach a level of neatness beyond your wildest imagination. Plus, it's easy to transfer when you decide to switch bags.

    17. A pack of body wipes for skipping the showers after the workout you squeezed in during your lunch break.

    18. A pack of stain-remover wipes to clean up spills and spots while you're out and about.

    19. A pocketable parka, because a little storm out of nowhere isn't going to stop you from making that underground-station-to-bus-stop transfer that shaves a minute off your commute.

    20. A purse light so you don't have to sit and wait minutes for another bus, thinking about how much time you lost looking for your keys.

    21. An insulated travel mug you won't feel nervous about carrying in your bag or on a jog from a taxi into your airport terminal.

    22. A 24-pack of portable toilet paper, because life is cruel and (sometimes) puts you in public bathrooms that are completely out of TP.

    23. A portable power bank for when your phone BETRAYS you and runs out of juice (with no outlet in sight).

    24. A pack of alcohol-free sanitizing wipes to keep little hands clean (and yours, too). They're gentle enough to use on babies and sensitive skin, yet still kill 99.99% of germs.

    25. A stainless-steel wallet comb so you can get in a bit of last-minute grooming, just in time to fill your beard with cake crumbs on a Dessert Date.

    26. A 12-pack of cacao Soylent, because time is money and chewing takes too much time.

    27. A 40-in-1 multitool that's the size of a credit card and worth buying more than one, in case TSA takes it from you.

    28. And a spiky massage ball to roll out all the aches and pains of your on-the-go lifestyle.

    Sorry, gotta go...

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