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Dionne Davenport's Iconic "Clueless" Wardrobe, Ranked

"I must give her snaps for her courageous fashion efforts."

Clueless has to be one of the greatest comedies of the '90s. Between the hilarious environment of students at a wealthy Beverly Hills high school, a fun makeover scene, and a talented young cast, the movie was a recipe for success.

And if you've ever seen the film, you likely remember its wardrobe, because, I mean...

A fearless fashionista in the film is the character Dionne Davenport, who was played by actor Stacey Dash.

Here is a ranking of her truly amazing Clueless wardrobe:

16. Her simple green t-shirt opening moment.

Dionne smiles in a green tee and matching headband

15. Her powder blue terrycloth ensemble.

Dionne fixes Cher's makeup and wears a blue terrycloth top

14. Her animal print jacket and collared top fit.

Dionne wears animal print while talking to Tai and Cher at a restaurant

13. Her black satin set and and hot pink sweater pairing.

Dionne wears a bright pink striped sweater and a black satin skirt and jacket set

12. Her sheer top and animal print mall outfit.

Dionne pairs animal print with a sheer top at the mall

11. Her colorful streetwear style.

Dionne talks to Cher on the phone

10. Her sporty P.E. uniform.

Dionne wears a black and white outfit to P.E. class

9. Her crochet flower cap moment.

Dionne drives Murray and Cher around

8. Her lunchtime fuchsia floral attire.

Dionne eats a lollipop at lunch while wearing a fuchsia top

7. Her burgundy velvet dress with some white detaling.

Dionne wears a burgundy velvet dress for a photoshoot and school day

6. Her neon green top and gingham mini skirt getup.

Dionne sits with Murray at lunch and wears a neon green cardigan and top with a gingham skirt

5. Her color-coordinated party outfit.

Dionne yells at Murray for shaving his head at a party

4. Her bold blue and red ensemble.

Dionne wears a blue and red ensemble at lunch

3. Her many-shades-of-pink wedding guest look.

Dionne wears a pink gown and pink floral hair accessories at Mr. Hall and Miss Geist's wedding

2. Her red and orange clothing combo.

Dionne wears an orange fuzzy sweater with a bold hat at school

1. Her unforgettable plaid set and rose hat number.

Dionne rocks a plaid outfit and rose hat for school

Me, responding to anyone who thinks they can deny Dionne's fashion reign:

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