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    20 Years Later, See What These "Clueless" Stars Have To Say About The Film

    Stacey Dash and Elisa Donovan stopped by BuzzFeed's L.A. campus to kick off one epic celebration!

    After coming to terms with the fact that this weekend marks the 20th (yes, 2–0) anniversary of Clueless, we knew there was no other way to celebrate such an iconic movie other than to throw a kick-ass summer screening. Last night Dionne and Amber, err, Stacey Dash and Elisa Donovan showed their support for the film during a live audience Q&A at BuzzFeed Los Angeles. AS IF!

    At roughly 7:40 p.m., Elisa and Stacey joined BuzzFeed's Lindsay Farber onstage, and from that point on, an audience of nearly 500 people were simultaneously dying inside.

    We started out strong. When asked about a '90s fashion trend to bring back, Elisa jumped at the question.

    How about the audition process for the film? Stacey summed it up pretty well.

    What about casting? When asked, Stacey revealed the REAL reason why Donald Faison got the part of Murray over Terrence Howard.

    Then we asked something so profound. If you had to pick one outfit from the film to wear for the rest of your life, which would it be?

    As for deleted scenes, we HAD to get the 411 on what we've been missing for all these years.

    Stacey was quick to explain why we never saw it.

    Fashion played such a large role in Clueless. We asked about the costume process...

    ...and if there was an exact moment when these women knew that Clueless was going to slay.

    Thankfully for Alicia Silverstone, Elisa remembered dropping some major news to her castmate prior to the movie's release.

    A huge THANK YOU to Stacey and Elisa for coming out and supporting the film that's stuck with us for 20 YEARS. So.much.ICONIC.AMAZINGNESS.

    Check out more from our Clueless Q&A with Stacey and Elisa below:

    Joyce Lee for BuzzFeed