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    16 Times "King Richard" Showed The Amazing Reality Of How Venus And Serena's Father Planned For Success

    “If You Fail To Plan, You Plan To Fail.”

    The new biopic King Richard chronicles the early years of tennis legends Venus and Serena Williams as their father Richard Williams guided them to becoming two of the most dominant sports players in history.

    Will Smith portrays Richard in the film, which is already earning him Oscar buzz for his captivating performance. These are some moments that showcase how Smith’s portrayal of Richard reveals the methods he used that helped his daughters reach success.

    1. When Richard writes a 78-page outline of how he will lead Venus and Serena to become champion tennis players:

    2. When Richard visits private tennis clubs and approaches top coaches about training his daughters:

    A skeptical tennis coach hears Richard's pitch

    3. When Richard continues training Venus and Serena despite threats from Compton gang members:

    4. When Richard reminds the girls of the power of planning your path:

    5. When Richard drives Venus and Serena by their dream homes and talks to them about their potential:

    6. When Richard convinces tennis coach Paul Cohen to coach Venus:

    7. When Richard doesn’t call out a juniors tennis opponent who cheats while playing against Venus:

    8. When Richard declines an offer from condescending agents who propose a deal to Venus:

    9. When Richard explains his parenting after he’s accused of being too disciplined with his kids:

    10. When Richard stops an interviewer from quizzing Venus on her confidence:

    11. When Richard shows the family Cinderella for a lesson in humility:

    Richard asks the girls what they learned from "Cinderella."

    12. When the girls practice their tennis skills with Richard in the rain:

    Richard instructs the girls during a rainfall

    13. When Richard makes sure that Venus has time to be a kid while training to play tennis professionally:

    Richard tells Macci of his plan to keep Venus out of juniors tennis

    14. When Venus is presented with a $3 million dollar Nike deal and Richard lets her choose whether to sign it or not:

    15. When Richard tells Serena of her destiny:

    16. When Richard encourages Venus after a tough loss:

    King Richard is out in select theaters now and is available for streaming on HBO Max.