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Asian Parents Are Starring In The Most Wholesome TikToks, And Here Are 21 Of The Best Ones

I would like all of these parents to adopt me, please.

1. First, there's this dad, who figured out how to cover Justin Bieber on the erhu:

2. This mom, whose Animal Crossing skills are probably 2,000 times better than yours:

3. This dad, who's having a ball dancing along to the Barden Bellas here:

4. This mom, delivering a recitation of the best poetry to be found on the 'Tok:

5. This dad, who's clearly psyched to re-create such an iconic family pic:


I tried to get my hair the same😂 ##fyp

♬ original sound - craigtm08

7. This dad, who's like, "Okay, but are you sure you're not even a little hungry?"

8. This mom, who clearly has the best hype man in the world:


love my little guy more than anything ##fyp

♬ original sound - sharifaeasmin

9. This dad, whose appearances in his son's dance videos are the highlight of my entire life:


this was not awkward ro film at all w/ @stevefever 🤥 ##fatherandson

♬ Wow you can really dance - marjoleinalberts

10. (This one is my favorite!)


Mom: Can you help your dad @stevefever exercise even if he’s retired now? us:

♬ Blinding Lights - The Weeknd

11. This mom, who is all of us learning the "I'm a savage" dance challenge right now:

12. This dad, who's just trying to perfect his golf swing during quarantine:

13. This mom, who is clearly Thor's number one fan:


Who Would You Rather: Thor Edition with my Mom. ##fyp ##foryou ##mom

♬ original sound - otakoyakisoba

14. This dad, who is undeniably a better dancer than most of us could ever hope to be:


My dad’s shmurda is everything. 💯 ##fyp

♬ Challenge - pacificsoundz

15. This mom, who flawlessly borrowed a little Cardi B audio for self-expression:

16. This dad, who is just baaaaaarely impressed with his daughter's viral impression of him:

17. This mom, embodying the exact kind of mom I want to be one day:

18. This dad, who's polishing up his sparring skills:


My dad’s screams at the end 😂😂😭😭 ##desiparents ##fyp

♬ original sound - ritzzcracker16

19. This mom, who's living it up in virtual reality:

20. Both of these parents, who are rightfully proud of their haul:

21. And finally, this mom, whose entire outfit and general energy I would very much like to borrow:


Bathtime ##toosieslide with my little tootsie. Check out @bumoparent to see baby colette doing the ##toosieslide too! ##parenting ##momlife ##bathttime

♬ Toosie Slide - Drake

In addition, I would also like to be that baby wrapped in a fresh towel right about now.

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