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    25 Unpopular "Game Of Thrones" Opinions That Are About To Start Some Fights

    "I felt sorry for Joffrey."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their most unpopular opinions about Game of Thrones. Here are their most polarizing takes — and yes, you're allowed to offer your counterpoint in the comments, if you so choose...

    1. We should all forgive Theon.

    2. Joffrey didn't exactly have it easy...

    3. And Sam may not have been worth the save.

    4. Daenerys is not a great leader. Sorry!!

    5. And neither she nor Jon Snow should get to rule.

    6. Sansa's leadership potential, on the other hand, is p. good.

    7. The show's been way less fun without Littlefinger...

    8. And maybe we wouldn't be here if Tommen were still king?

    9. The Red Woman was one of the best characters.

    10. Sansa and Tyrion should get together for real.

    11. Tywin Lannister got no respect, tbh.

    12. And honestly, you've gotta feel for Cersei re: Joffrey's death just a little.

    13. Osha deserved waaaaay better.

    14. Daenerys is getting very Mad Queen-y.

    15. Jamie is like, "too good" now.

    16. And Bran seems like a shortcut to make the plot better.

    17. Daenerys' track record with men is...not great.

    18. And seriously? Cersei's earned it.

    19. Arya is scary, but not that interesting anymore.

    20. And again: we've been underrating Sansa from the beginning.

    21. Daenerys is a little too power-hungry.

    22. And Catelyn Stark kiiiiiiinda sucked.

    23. Jon and Dany belong together!

    24. Cersei is NOT the bad guy.

    25. And finally, Jaime and Brienne would make the best couple.

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