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We Want To Know Your Most Controversial "Game Of Thrones" Opinions

Neither Jon Snow nor Daenerys should be on the Throne! There, I said it!

As you may have noticed, Game Of Thrones has recently replaced oxygen as our primary source of sustenance and life.

And with only **three** more episodes to go, the only people drawing more battle lines than the show's warring families are Game Of Thrones fans themselves.

Between all the theories, ancient lore, casual incest, and complicated character arcs built up over the past nine years, everyone is going into the series finale with A LOT of opinions, and some are spicier than others...

Such as: Jon Snow would be terrible on the Iron Throne...

Jon Snow does not want, or need to be on the throne. He isn’t fit to rule. He is 5’2 and easily swayed by a scene between 3-5 minutes. His passiveness makes him a bad leader. NO BACKBONE.

Twitter: @morganmoore703

But also: Daenarys doesn't seem to have any good moves left besides this one?

Tyrion has totally lost his charm, ambition and general sense of fun:

And also, the Night King **was** kind of attractive, wasn't he???

is the night king kind of hot or is he just tallish w/ blue eyes not a ton of character development

Twitter: @Harper_Kelsey

Ol' blue eyes...

And: the battle scenes were like, fine, but they aren't the best part of Game of Thrones by a long shot.


Anyway. This is all to say that this is a safe space where we can talk smack about the "popular characters," discuss whether we'll actually miss the White Walker drama, and if maybe Gendry should take the throne?

And all I'm asking is that you join me, fair Thrones fans, on this noble quest: Tell us your most controversial and unpopular Game Of Thrones opinions (and ~why~ you stand by them!) in the comments below!

The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post or video...and also tide us over until Sunday night.

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