21 TikToks That Everyone Who Watched "You" On Netflix Will Feel Guilty About Laughing At

    Yep, you're not the only one who thought Joe's "disguise" was ridiculous.

    The second season of You, starring Dan Humphrey...er, I mean, Penn Badgley...has been out on Netflix for a few weeks, and there have been some deeply funny reactions shared all over the internet — especially on TikTok.

    We've rounded up 21 of the best ones that a) sum up that Season 2 twist, b) describe how wild this whole show has been, and c) help you process your extremely mixed feelings about Joe Goldberg. Obviously: Spoilers ahead!

    1. This accurate commentary on Penn Badgley's significant glow-up:

    2. This little coincidence that proves Gossip Girl and You exist in the same universe (you-niverse???):

    3. This accurate parody of Joe Goldberg's "analytical skills":

    4. This remake of the first episode of You, in a nutshell:

    5. And, of course, this reaction to Joe's TERRIBLE "disguise":

    6. As well as this one:

    7. And this one:

    8. This recap of the Season 1 finale:

    9. This assessment of Joe and Love's first encounter:

    10. This peek into Love's interior monologue in Season 2:

    11. This reaction to the moment we ALMOST thought everyone would be (kind of) OK:

    12. How THAT Season 2 twist went down, essentially:

    13. This peek inside what Joe's interior monologue was at that point:

    14. And this summary of that final cliffhanger:

    15. And this v fair reaction to it:

    16. This quick recap of the whole show, basically:

    17. This extra-dark use of green screen:

    18. This re-creation of that weird party scene:

    19. This rendition of Joe and Jasper's conversations:

    20. This excellent overlay of "Lottery" with a video from Penn Badgley's Instagram:

    21. And finally, this video that mashes up the renegade dance with Joe's glass box, because of course:

    Imagine explaining this to someone who's never seen the show...or TikTok lol.