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    This Week On The Inter Webz: We 💖 Intergenerational Meme

    Plus: Your new Tinder bio, some weird toe pics, and an extremely haunted doll.

    This Week: Grandparents and great-grandparents are stealin’ the show in these Chinese memes

    No one’s out here covering Chinese internet culture better than BuzzFeed News UK’s Kassy Cho, and her recent post, Chinese Kids Are Getting Their Parents, Their Parents’ Parents, And Their Parents’ Parents’ Parents Involved In A Meme, is a v. wholesome treasure trove of videos that’ll make you wanna Skype your elders real quick.

    Known as “Four generations under one roof,” this very 2k19 spin on celebrating multi-generational homes and filial piety is just one of countless meme challenges that are big in China — for more, you’ll def want to check out these glow-up videos and also this ice-eating challenge.

    International Hits

    Warner Bros.

    In Australia — Umm someone (possibly Kevin McCallister??)stuck needles pointy side up in train seats, and someone else ended up sitting on them!!

    In Brazil — Can you guess what the average salary is for these professions? (in Portuguese here).

    In Canada — Survivors of sexual assault, eating disorders, cancer, and more posed nude for this Toronto-based magazine’sawesome body issue.

    In GermanyWeird toe pics from the internet; you’re welcome (shudder in German here).

    In Spain — Tell us what you see in these pics, and we’ll tell you what 2019 holds for you (Spanish here).

    In India — Need new ideas for your Tinder bio? Say no more fam, we got you with this quiz.

    In JapanThis story about a haunted doll bought off eBay is getting shared like crazy now that it’s been translated into Japanese)

    In Mexico — Judging by how many great movies are coming out in 2019, should we just move into the movie theater now or later? (Spanish here)

    In the UK — A v. good Reddit thread wonders: how can British people be so proper and punk at the same time??

    Required viewing

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