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A Lot Of People Are Confusing The South Korean Flag For The Pepsi Logo At The Olympic Games

2018 Winter Olympics: sponsored by Pespi, apparently.

The 2018 Winter Olympics are officially underway in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and during a live stream of the opening ceremony this morning, it became very clear that a lot of people don't know what the South Korean flag looks like.

First glance it looks like a Pepsi commercial.

@OrussellRussell / Via Twitter: @OrussellRussell

In fact, many people thought the blue and red circle on the Flag of South Korea was the Pepsi logo.

brought to you by Pepsi. #WinterOlympics

@AndiMcLellan / Via Twitter: @AndiMcLellan

I mean, an embarrassing amount of people confused the two.

my stupid mind thought it was a pepsi logo

@siriusho / Via Twitter: @siriusuho

For reference, this is the Flag of South Korea.

Getty Images

And this is the Pepsi logo.


You would think that given the fact that the Olympic games are being held in South Korea people would put two and two together, but you'd be wrong.

Didn’t know Pepsi sponsored the #Olympics2018

Like, dead wrong.

Pepsi product placem- oh that's the flag ok #OpeningCeremony

Well, here's to educating the masses and hoping that by the closing ceremony people will know the difference between a soft drink and an international flag.

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