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    Posted on Dec 29, 2017

    These Photos Of A Frozen Niagara Falls Are Breathtaking

    I'm cold just looking at these photos.

    In case you haven't noticed, it's fucking freezing outside and right now the Northeast is basically an ice cube.

    Weather Channel

    While cold weather sucks for humans, it's pretty freaking awesome for nature. This week a few brave souls dared to go outside to visit Niagara Falls and honestly the photos look like something out of a Disney movie.

    Can you believe this is real??

    Anyone else getting Elsa vibes?

    Seventeen degree weather doesn't seem so bad when you have a view like this.

    Hey there, Narnia called and they want their snow back.

    I'm pretty sure even TLC wouldn't have a problem with you chasing this waterfall.

    Do you ever stop and take a moment to mourn the fact that you'll never be as beautiful as nature? Because I have multiple times today.

    Just imagine sipping a cup of hot chocolate and taking in this view.

    BRB buying warm coat and booking a ticket to Niagara Falls.

    20th Century Fox

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