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    Posted on Jun 25, 2018

    A Kid Confused This Woman's Michael Scott Keychain For Her Boyfriend, And Now I Feel Old

    I wish Prison Mike was my boyfriend tbh.

    It's pretty much universal knowledge that Michael Scott is one of the greatest TV characters to ever exist.

    NBC / Via

    And while there are billions of lovable Michael Scott personas — looking at you Date Mike — perhaps the one that stands out the most is his performance as Prison Mike.

    NBC / Via

    In fact, the character is so iconic that Twitter user @notclarinet had the brilliant idea of buying a keychain with Prison Mike's face on it.

    Etsy / Via

    But as they quickly learned, apparently today's youths aren't as familiar with Prison Mike as the rest of us.

    my 8 yr old neighbor saw my new keychain and said “is that your boyfriend?????”

    @notclarinet / Via Twitter: @notclarinet

    Obviously, the first thing people wanted to know was how @notclarinet responded.

    @notclarinet / Via Twitter: @notclarinet

    The tweet struck a chord with many who also had pop culture icons confused for their significant others.

    @notclarinet my keychain is Kramer from Seinfeld (kels got me it bless her) and my mom asked me if it’s my boyfriend

    @shaberrrry / Via Twitter: @shaberrrry

    tbt 3 years ago this pic was my lockscreen and my cousin asked “is that your boyfriend” and i was like “yeah”

    @visitkingdoms / Via Twitter: @visitkingdoms

    Lady at my church: is that your boyfriend? *points to lockscreen* Lockscreen:

    @Auriixx / Via Twitter: @Auriiixx

    So my dear friends, the moral of this story is if you have Prison Mike's face on a keychain or as your lock screen and someone asks if he's your boyfriend, say yes.


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