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I Got A Tattoo For Free Pizza For An Entire Year And You Can Too

I regret nothing.

Hey, y'all. I'm Delaney, a trending news writer who generally says yes to anything if it will make for a good story.

So when I first learned that I could possibly get free pizza for a year just for getting an ampersand (&) tattoo, I immediately envisioned myself 50 years from now, sitting in a rocking chair and recounting the story of this tattoo to my grandchildren. I mean, free pizza and a new tattoo? Basically I couldn't say yes fast enough.

The company that offered me this deal was &pizza, but there are other companies who have also offered similar promotions. For instance, restaurants under the 40North empire offer anyone with a chicken wing tattoo unlimited wings each year on National Chicken Wing Day.

I'll admit, I definitely thought the whole "free tattoo for free pizza" deal sounded like an incredibly well-thought-out millennial marketing ploy, but as someone who already has a few tattoos, I kind of jumped at the chance to get inked again.

And honestly, it just so happens that I've always wanted an ampersand tattoo. After diving into the world of improv in college, I absolutely fell in love with the whole "yes, and" philosophy. Saying "yes, and" to opportunities that scared me helped me realize that some of the best things in life are found outside of your comfort zone.

So basically I bit the bullet and said yes to getting the tattoo, and on Wednesday, after quickly sending my parents a "Hey fun fact: Your daughter is getting ANOTHER tattoo" text, I hopped on the subway and headed to First Class Tattoo Studio in Chinatown to get inked.

I had &pizza owner Michael Lastoria himself help me choose the best placement for the ampersand, and within 30 minutes the tattoo was complete. I had officially become part of the &pizza ~tribe~. I was honestly so excited to have a new tattoo that I completely forgot pizza was part of the deal.

Was it worth it? Absolutely. Not only did I want an ampersand tat to begin with, but also, FREE PIZZA.

So does a free tattoo for a year's supply of free pizza sound like something you 1000% want in your life? Well, today's your lucky day, pal, because you can do it too (if you're in NYC and available on Oct. 3, anyway).

When &pizza opens its newest location in New York City on Oct. 3, the first 23 people to line up outside the shop get a free ampersand tattoo AND free pizza for a full year!

So get your butt down to &pizza in October and we can be tattoo twins! Sound awesome? Great.