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How Clumsy Are You Actually?

*Trips over air*

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  1. Check off all that apply! In the past year have you...

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    Tripped while walking up the stairs?
    Tripped while walking down the stairs?
    Tripped over basically just air?
    Gotten anxious walking through the glass section of any store?
    Had a friend throw something for you to catch and totally dropped it?
    Found mystery bruises you just can't explain?
    Or even worse, mystery cuts that came from nowhere?
    Hit yourself while trying to open a door?
    Dropped your phone on your face while laying in bed?
    Dropped your phone screen side down only to find it shattered into a million pieces?
    Had a damn near panic attack anytime someone asked you to hold their baby?
    Or their dog/cat?
    Or just hold anything that shouldn't be dropped?
    Stubbed your pinky toe against every piece of furniture in your room?
    Spilled your drink on yourself?
    Dropped food on yourself?
    Said "Don't worry, I'm fine" at least 10 times a day?
    Stumbled trying to get out of a booth at a restaurant?
    Or while trying to get out of a car?
    Slipped in the shower and thought you were going to die?
    Bumped into an inanimate object like a pole or mannequin and then apologized?
    Knocked over a drink at a party?
    Brought napkins with you to the party to make sure you could clean up your mess?
    Scuffed new shoes on the first day?
    Accidentally punched yourself while trying to put on clothes?
    Abandoned all your motor skills while pouring juice or milk into a cup?
    Took one bite of something only for it to combust into 1 million crumbs?
    Dropped food while taking it out of the oven?
    Tried to take a sip from a straw only to miscalculate its position and have the straw stab you in the eye?
    Rolled off the bed during ~sexytimes~ ?

How Clumsy Are You Actually?

You're not a klutz at all! Oh wow look at you with your fine motor skills and ability to walk without falling down. Good for you.

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CONGRATS! You're the clumsiest human to ever stumble across the Earth. I bet you've already tripped today!

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