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Is It Just Me Or Does This Cat Have A Human Face?

I don't know if I should pet this cat or shake her hand!?

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There are some images in life you just can't unsee. Some of these images are super cute, like this very drunk octopus clothes hanger.

@ChillestTweet / Via Twitter: @ChiIIestTweet

While other images are pretty freaking cursed, like this jam hand.

And then there is this photo of a cat with an INCREDIBLY humanlike face that falls somewhere in the middle.

@catsvillcounty / Via

This two month old maine coon named Valkyrie is simultaneously the most adorable and most terrifying feline I've ever seen.

@catsvillcounty / Via

Here's Valkyrie as a baby, looking like I just showed her the first 10 minutes of Pixar's Up.

@catsvillcounty / Via

And here she is probably plotting how to take over the world with her human-cat face.

@catsvillcounty / Via

Now I can't say for sure who her father is, but if I were to take an educated guess I'd say her daddy definitely starred in the 1987 TV show, Beauty and the Beast.


Valkyrie was recently adopted, and while I'm not sure if her new parents thought they were adopting a cat or a child, either way she has a forever home!

@catsvillcounty / Via

Maybe one day Valkyrie can meet Yogi, the dog with a human face, and they can become best friends and solve crimes together.

Chantal Desjardins

Enjoy your new family Valkyrie! Please don't kill me in my sleep.

ABC / Via

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