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17 Of The Most Delightfully Irish Things Of 2015 So Far

Some LOLs from the Emerald Isle in honour of St Patrick's Day.

1. This sign in Carlingford, County Louth is Irishness personified: make your point, without taking yourself too seriously.

Spotted today. Good sense of humour in #Carlingford

2. When Father Ted creator Graham Linehan responded to U.S. vice president Joe Biden's inadvertent praise of the comedy series.

Very proud. RT @thetorse: well that's some claim !

This Father Ted fan also showed his devotion to the series while visiting one of the most famous spots on earth.

@JOEdotie Father Ted moment at the Great Wall of China by @earleyplumbing #tom #frted #ishotJR

3. This guy's Kickstarter campaign to sell Irish soil to Irish-Americans.

4. When a priest found a phone in a church and then posted this cheeky Facebook message (with priest group selfie).

Hi Andrew,You seem to have left your phone behind at Mass yesterday and I take it you're still looking for it! Thankfully it was unlocked - not a smart move! Don't worry though, just call into the cathedral and you can have your phone of us should be here or in the priests' house next door :)P.S. Don't worry, I didn't look at anything on your phone, who knows what you adolescent boys be up to!!!May God be with you always,Yours in faith, Fr P. McMahon :):)

5. Class A drugs became legal in Ireland for two days, and the internet responded with glee.

ALL of these people are on the next flight over to Dublin. Bounce by the Ounce

6. Liam Neeson ominously reading children's story Five Little Monkeys.

View this video on YouTube

7. A Dublin train was delayed because of a swan on the tracks. Naturally.

8. The greatest "Irish dad" moment in the history of television on Channel 4's brilliant Catastrophe.

The most Irish dad ever was on Channel 4's #Catastrophe last night (via @dailyedgeTV)

9. Irish Groupon's idea of an appropriate Mother's Day gift.

10. This adorable Irish couple urging support for Ireland's upcoming marriage equality referendum.

View this video on YouTube

11. And there was this, erm, counter-argument against marriage equality.

Happy Mothers' day all! Hope we can continue to celebrate it after #SSM passed. In some US states Mothers & Father's Day banned #pcgonemad

12. When Irish police slipped a Vanilla Ice reference into a road safety tweet.

@Stephenlough95 You should stop Collaborate and listen

13. This EPIC video of an Irish couple's entrance to their wedding reception.

View this video on YouTube

14. When this drover from County Kerry was revealed to have the thickest Irish accent ever.

View this video on YouTube

15. This area in the Slieve Bloom mountains at Clonaslee, County Laois has a wonderful name.

Top of Reddit Ireland this morning with the headline, "They say it's hard to find."

16. Irish Taoiseach (prime minister) Enda Kenny just hanging out with wrestler Hulk Hogan.

Taoiseach meets Hulk Hogan en route from Atlanta to Austin #EndaUS #hulk @HulkHogan @EndaKennyTD

17. Finally, this dude getting into the St Patrick's Day spirit by being taped to a Stop sign in Dublin's Temple Bar.

There's a guy taped to a lamp post in Temple Bar! #stpatricksday #dublin