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    Here's A Selfie Of Sir Ian McKellen And Robert Downey Jr From 1994

    McKellen tweeted a picture of him with the future Iron Man star on the set of 1995 movie Restoration.

    Sir Ian McKellen has tweeted a selfie of himself and Robert Downey Jr, taken way, waaaaaaaay back in 1994.

    An early example of #selfie by @RobertDowneyJr with me on the set of Restoration (1994)

    They took the snap together on the set of the period drama Restoration, in which they were co-stars, alongside Sam Neill, Hugh Grant and Meg Ryan.

    Miramax / Everett

    RDJ rocked some serious foppish looks in that movie, btw.

    Miramax / Everett

    This is just the latest evidence proving that McKellen is, and has always been, one of the coolest fucking dudes on the planet.

    Though these two other '90s co-stars might argue that they have the earliest selfie.

    Inventors of the #selfie at it again. #ThelmaAndLouise

    Regardless, kudos Sir Ian!

    Ellie Hall /

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