22 Times Patrick Stewart And Ian McKellen Proved They Are The Greatest Best Friends Of 2013

These two.

1. When they casually put their arms around each other, in a beautiful gesture of love and support.

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2. When Patrick drove up in his car to find Ian sitting there and he took this creepshot and also the fact that they call each other SIR.

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3. When Ian posed with a wax statue of Patrick because he couldn’t be away from him too long.

ID: 2158621

4. The time they went on an adventure together to pose with this bull and Patrick made that face in the back.

ID: 2158588

5. When they sat together on a bench, just looking adorable and enjoying each other’s company:

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6. When they read together with their matching glasses sitting on the edge of their noses.

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7. When they stood butt to butt:

Jim Spellman / WireImage
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8. And when they shared the experience of going to see the Christmas tree and took this selfie:

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9. When they decided to go for a jog together in their little hats:

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10. When they posed next to garbage and gave the thumbs-up because it didn’t matter where they were, just as long as they were together:

ID: 2158640

11. The time they went to the top of the Empire State Building together:

ID: 2158642

12. And when they went out for drinks and probably got tipsy and told each other secrets all night:

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13. When Ian made Patrick dinner, and not just any dinner but RISOTTO, which takes time and patience.

ID: 2158659

14. When they went on a field trip to Times Square to meet Elmo together:

ID: 2158644

15. When Patrick called him and Ian “the boys”:

ID: 2158707

16. And when they ate corn and hot dogs and made these faces:

ID: 2158724

17. When Patrick was using a bow and crossbow for the first time and Ian stood there and watched and trusted that he wouldn’t get shot by accident:

ID: 2159034

18. When Ian McKellen married Sir Patrick.

ID: 2158809

19. Like, was actually the officiate at his wedding.

John von Pamer
ID: 2158748

20. When they held hands like this in a major public display of affection:

Andrew Toth / Getty Images
ID: 2159099

21. That time they celebrated Thanksgiving together and made this beautiful turkey:

ID: 2158589

22. And when they got this picture taken at Coney Island, basically sealing their friendship forever and also proving THEY ARE THE MOST AMAZING FRIENDS THAT EVER LIVED.

ID: 2158628

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