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9 Reasons Why BuzzFeed And I Would Be Best Friends

Not only BFFs, but also why I would be a pretty kickass Social Media Editor in Toronto too.

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1. We're both pretty cheeky.

astrologyexplained / Via

BuzzFeed has a pretty unique voice that basically everyone can recognize. People say that I'm pretty funny to be around too. And yes, those people include more than just my mother.

2. We both think outside the box.

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If I had to describe BuzzFeed in one word, it would be creative. BuzzFeed is always bringing our attention to interesting things in a way unlike any other outlet. That ingenuity and creativity is what has made it so accessible to people of all ages. I'm always looking for new ways to do things. As the saying goes, "If it ain't broke, break it anyways and figure out how to put it back together."

3. We have similar interests.

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You like TV? I like TV! You like politics? I will learn to like politics. You like breaking news? Breaking news gives me equal amounts of unwarranted anxiety and also an adrenaline rush. You like movies? I like movies too! In fact, I like movies so much that I once did a marathon of the entire Fast and Furious franchise and then wrote about it. It's one of my proudest accomplishments. I know nothing about ~~*sportz*~~ though, so that's going to be a learning curve.

4. We live for social media.

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I'm all about the social space. If there's a social media platform, I'm either actively using it or at least have downloaded it only to have deleted it because I ran out of storage space on my phone.

6. We really like sharing stories with other people.

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I love sharing random tidbits and interesting stories with people. It's why I decided to pursue a career in communications. I've shared so many articles with people that I know what types of stories to share with what types of people in order to have a conversation with them! Not only that, but I love it when people share stories with me too. It's a great way to create lasting relationships.

8. We're both pretty friendly and like working with others.

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There is no I in BuzzFeed! I love being able to bounce ideas off other people to get their thoughts and collaborate with them. I love working in an environment that allows people to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy (don't mess with Ms. Frizzle). And from what I've seen, BuzzFeed definitely has that kind of environment that allows people to thrive.

9. We agree on the importance of the Oxford Comma.

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People will be debating the use of the Oxford Comma for years and years. I love the Oxford Comma. I won't use it a piece that requires Canadian Press Style, but otherwise I will never turn my back on the Oxford Comma.

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So in summary, I think I'd vibe really well with the people at BuzzFeed. We've got a similar sense of humour and both love using that humour to share interesting stories with our friends and family. So BuzzFeed, will you be my best friend?

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