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20 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up All The Stages Of Going To College

It’s not as fun and easy as it might seem.

Stage 1: Deciding what your major will be.

Stage 2: Saying goodbye to your family and friends.

Stage 3: Meeting your new roommate(s) for the first time.

Stage 4: Trying to make friends.

Stage 5: Going to your first party and trying to meet new people.

Stage 6: Starving because you can't cook.

Stage 7: Missing your parents because you're always hungry.

Stage 8: Enjoying your freedom and independence.

Stage 9: Fighting with your roommate(s) because they're messy AF.

Stage 10: Waking up early every morning because you have to go to class.

Stage 11: Winging it when the professor asks you something during the lecture.

Stage 12: Realizing that midterms are sooner than you thought.

Stage 13: Buckling down.

Stage 14: And quickly losing your motivation.

Stage 15: Taking the exams.

Stage 16: Miraculously passing all of your midterms.

Stage 17: Celebrating the end of the hell that is midterms.

Stage 18: Spending all of your money on partying.

Stage 19: Finally going home for holidays.

Stage 20: Repeating stages 1-19 all over again.

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