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16 GIFs That Perfectly Sum Up What Being A College Student Feels Like

It's not as fun as it might seem.

1. Probably the most difficult part for every prospective student is choosing the right college.


Seriously, you just finished high school and they already want you to make such an important decision. Shit.

2. Meeting your new roommate for the very first time will be very interesting.


Will you like them, or will you hate them?

3. Being broke is a problem almost every student has.


Ramen noodles will be your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

4. You will try and cook from time to time, but let's face it, you will fail miserably.


911: What's your emergency?

Me: My kitchen is on fire.

5. But at least you'll be free and unsupervised.


Sorry mom and dad, but this is what dreams are made of.

6. You will party a lot.


Which will make you even more broke.

7. Sometimes you'll need to choose between partying and studying.

8. And you won't make the right choice.


Partying it is then.

9. When the teacher asks you a question and you have no idea what the lecture was about.


So you just try to wing it.

10. The night before your exams, you'll get a rush of adrenaline and motivation.


You should've started studying on time. #regrets

11. And when you see the first question of your exam.


Gurl, bye.

12. Waiting for the exam results will be a nightmare.


You're still hoping, even though you know you'll fail.

13. And here's you writing an assignment the day before the due date.


And somehow you'll get a good grade.

14. When somebody asks you how college is going.


Can you not?

15. Going home for holidays will be the most exciting part of the year.


Homemade food after so long, YAS!

16. And you'll have no idea what to do with your life once you've graduated.


"I don't want to adult."

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