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18 Things That Confuse British People When They Come To Canada

The light turns red as you're turning right? Just go ahead anyway.

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1. In Canada, summer is a real, proper, actual season.

boatinglifecanada / Via

It's not just 12 days of sun randomly scattered across three months, like in the UK.

2. But when winter does arrive, Canadians actually get to play in the snow, while Brits get soaked by drivers who speed through puddles in the road.

Winter in Canada is more magical than misery.

3. Life continues as normal when it snows in Canada.

avitalsunshine / Via

Snow in Britain? Public transport is in chaos. Excess leaves on the tracks have also been known to halt British train services.


5. It's perfectly legal here to turn right on a red light – a red light!!! – as long as you come to a complete stop before making the turn.

7. Smiling or saying "hello" to passers by is perfectly normal.

Instagram: @ricca_photo / Via Instagram

These actions in Britain (certainly London) may earn you a dirty look or a "what the fuck you looking at?"

8. Canadians actually enjoy talking about the British Royal Family.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images / Via Twitter

Conversations range from Prince Harry’s girlfriend who lives in Canada (obviously), right through to "Why the heck is The Queen on our money?"


10. The Toronto subway map makes the London Underground map look like a complex rainbow-coloured maze.

Canadians are simultaneously jealous and intimidated by the Tube.

11. People actually DO eat poutine in Canada. / Via Instagram

Most of us Brits just thought it was a stereotype.


15. Canadians fly their flag with unreserved pride. / Via Instagram

The Union Jack, however, means different things to different Brits.


17. Canadians actually watch Coronation Street! / Via Instagram

Yep, Corrie’s cobbles made it to Canada on the CBC.

18. And finally, Canadians pronounce the letter Z as "zed," just like us Brits. / Via Twitter

Despite our differences, we do have a lot in common.


Prince Harry's girlfriend, Megan Markle, is American but films the show Suits in Canada. A previous version of this article incorrectly stated that she was Canadian.