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    Nov 9, 2014

    Lil Jon May Have Just Cost Some Kids An Education


    Rapper Lil Jon today posted this picture to his Facebook page, showing him greeting a fan.

    While some of the kids in this woman's class may rejoice at having a year off from homework, who knows what they won't learn this year as a result of Lil Jon?

    American history?



    Music? Or at least music that isn't Lil Jon's?

    Some Reddit users doubt the woman is really a teacher, suggesting she may simply be a fan willing to do whatever it takes:

    David Mack/Reddit

    Others tried to think of ways the woman might have conned Lil Jon:

    David Mack/Reddit

    And one inspired Redditor believed the woman might ultimately teach her students some valuable life lessons with the help of Lil John:

    David Mack/Reddit

    But there's one thing that Lil Jon himself will never be able to teach the students...
    David Mack/Facebook
    David Mack/Facebook


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