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Can You Connect J.Lo & Larry David In Just 5 Steps?

It's time to play The Name Game!

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Try to successfully get from Jennifer Lopez to Larry David in five steps by changing either the first or last name to get a different celebrity or icon, one step at a time.

If you get stuck at any step along the way, we've provided you with one (maybe) helpful trivia fact about the person in question.


Step One. For added difficulty, try and get through all five steps before going back and revealing each image.


Hint: this actor had a five-time olympic medalist teach them archery for a major role.

Which brings us to our fifth and final step...

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

Fun fact! This person was hired as a writer for SNL for one season during which they aired only one of their sketches. They later went on to earn an estimated $200 million for co-creating Seinfeld.