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33 Facts About The Class Of 2019 That Will Hurt Your Soul

You are obsolete.

This week, kids all over the country will be starting their first year of high school. These kids, the class of 2019, were by and large born in 2001, so it’s safe to assume that their high school experience will be different than yours. Here’s how…

1. First off, they've never lived in the '90s:

2. They were born the same year Britney and her snake created history:

3. The same year this couple bathed themselves in denim:

This was everything in 2002 😂#britney&justin #denim @britneyspears

4. And now some of them don't even know who NSYNC is:

5. The year they were born the Harry Potter cast looked like this:

First and Last Harry Potter premier in London.

6. Texting took all day:

7. And they've never experienced The Great Search:

8. This is what the Nickelodeon schedule looked like when they were born:

9. And this is the Now That's What I Call Music tracklist from the year they were born:

10. They've never experienced THE STRUGGLE:

11. And they never had to wait and hope that this would go through:

12. They've never had to be completely, TOTALLY silent:

13. They've never experienced this FEAR:

14. They've never experienced this bliss:

15. And they've never experienced the lie of anti-skip:

16. This picture doesn't physically hurt them:

17. They've always lived in a world with the PS2:

18. They've always lived in a world with Furbies:

19. And Family Guy was on the air before they were born:

20. They were born the same year these shows started airing:

21. And the same year the first Fast & Furious movie came out:

22. They've never been personally victimized by this noise:

23. Or felt a strange rush of excitement when seeing this:

24. They're as old as the first iPod:

25. And some have no idea what they are:

My brother just picked up an iPod and asked "what's this??" I feel old and sad

26. They've been clicking this extinct object to save:

27. They've always lived in a post-Shrek world:

28. And were born the same year Elle got into Harvard:

29. Destiny's Child has never had four members:

Remember that tony Destiny's Child had four members...#IDont

30. And this probably doesn't bring back terrible memories of having to return tapes on time:

31. The Krusty Krab pizza had already been around for two years by the time they were born:

32. Smarterchild has always been ready to chat:

33. And hashtags... have always been hashtags: