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21 Reasons You Should Be Happy You're Not In A Relationship

Don't let anyone tell you anything different.

1. Because you can just do this instead:

2. Or this:

3. Because photoshop is basically just as good:

It might even be better:

Much better:

4. And who knows, this guy could have the right idea:

5. This guy too:

6. Because on Facebook, you can fool everyone (or no one):

No one will ever know:


7. Because, honestly, do you really want to test the waters of online dating?

8. Do you really want that liberated?

9. Do you really want to unleash the animal?

10. Do you really want to find out if this answer is truthful?

11. Or if... this one is?

12. Plus, family members make great substitutes:

Or maybe actually really creepy substitutes:

Yeah, really creepy:

13. Do you want this to be you?

14. How about this?

15. Do you really want to look like this?

16. Or this?

17. Or this?

18. OR THIS???


20. OR THIS?!?!?!

21. And do you want to be one of THESE people???

Everyday this looks better and better: