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29 Things That Will Make You Say "What The ACTUAL Fuck?"

There are no words.

1. This breaking news story:

2. This act of devotion:

3. This love affair:

4. This photo of a nun discovering the joys of the ocean:

Dennis O’Clair / Getty Images

5. This beautiful face swap:

6. This touching story:

7. This "andbuildadacord" error:

8. This tweet:

9. This rampage:

10. This homosensuality:

11. This???:

12. This act of courage:

13. This photo shoot:

14. Bieber 2.0:

15. Ol' Tree-Man:

16. This tragedy:

17. The master of the roosters:

18. This stunning transformation:

19. This wish:

20. This altercation:

21. Your grandma's new tattoo:

22. This year's hottest fashion trend:

23. Bread-Man's adventures:

24. Next year's hottest fashion trend:

25. Grandma's text:

26. This perfect location for modeling:

27. This show of love:

28. Bacon-Man:

29. And, of course, Aladdin without his pants on:

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