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33 Things People Thought Were Completely Normal In The Early 2000s That Definitely Weren't

I can't believe these things existed.

1. Tubes upon tubes of Shrek GoGurt:

Look at that goop.

2. Peanut butter in a squeezable pouch:

I've always wanted to brush my teeth with peanuts.

3. A seemingly endless amount of pictures of SpongeBob like this:

If you had this as your MySpace profile pic, it meant you once smoked a cigarette.

4. And like this:

If you had this as your MySpace pic, it meant you once listened to Hawthorne Heights.

5. A sign that solely exists to stop people from wearing Healys:

You gotta draw the line somewhere.

6. Shrek Twinkies:

Nooooow we're talkin'.

7. Mutant green ketchup:


This is still hard to believe, even now.

8. The Crazy Frog in a flat-brimmed hat with a huge GANSTA chain on:

9. A Britney Spears protective case for a Nokia phone:

Not sure why a Nokia would need a case, but love it!

10. An American Idol PS2 game, for some reason:


11. Waffles stuffed full of fruity GOOP:



12. A Mary-Kate and Ashley Game Boy Color game that was less of a game and more of a calendar:


More games should just be calendars.

13. A CatDog computer mouse:

Twitter: @NickTVHistory

Just what I always wanted.

14. A book about a dog with sunglasses saving the world from Y2K:

Pretty standard stuff here.

15. A Shrek phone? A Shrek phone:

Steve Jobs is shaking!

16. Shoes big enough to house a family of four:

Twitter: @DJNymz

Bigger than my freakin' apartment! Badda bing!

17. Mario selling GameBoys with a tribal tattoo:


Not a great look, Mario my man!

18. A Monster Energy flying V guitar:

This rips, not gonna lie.

19. A lit'ral $120 Rugrats bowling ball:

I would bowl every single day if I had this.

20. A Britney Spears inflatable chair that lets you cool like Britney:


21. Literally the most diamond'd out phone in existence:

Feel like this would scratch your dang head up.

22. These absolutely ridiculous fries:

And with that, two people finally got their wish: blue fries.

23. Shrek Kid Cuisine that'll turn your tongue green:

I spy some goop in the middle there!

24. A Wii disc that let's you stream Netflix:

Just like the pioneers.

25. An electric toothbrush that only plays one song, an Ashley Tisdale song:

This is a good idea! Would not drive you insane at all! Ha! Ha! Ha!

26. Pringles with words on them, again for some reason:


Finally, am I right???

27. MULTIPLE video games featuring the Burger King King:

Hope these make it to the Switch.

28. Shrek POPCORN:

This looks ungodly. Truly dark-sided stuff.

29. Psychedelic cereal yogurt:

Twitter: @phillymontanna

Helllll yea. You already know.

30. Shrek... waffle sticks??? SHREK WAFFLE STICKS?!?!?!

And, of course, green swamp goop!

31. A 50 Cent "Bulletproof" themed XBOX:

Twitter: @Will_M_Anderson

Been hoping and praying for a bulletproof XBOX for years.

32. A Hot Wheels themed computer:

Twitter: @fatkiddeals

Guy Fieri has logged on.

33. And, finally, a SHREK CHIA PET:

That's it. That's the most 2000s thing there is.

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