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    16 Pictures That Show How Differently Normal People And Harvey Weinstein, Convicted Rapist, Are Being Treated During The Coronavirus Outbreak

    This is insane.

    In case you haven't heard, convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein tested positive for the Coronavirus.

    Harvey Weinstein has tested positive for the coronavirus while in prison, an official confirmed to BuzzFeed News.

    That's upsetting considering a convicted rapist can get a Coronavirus test when so many average Americans cannot...

    Angela Weiss / Getty Images

    For example:

    1. 80 year olds: can't get tested.

    2. One year olds: can't get tested.

    @BernieSanders My 1 year old has a cough, temperature, and hasn't been well for 3 days now. My wife is showing symptoms. Doctors still not doing tests. "Everyone who wants a test can get one" This governement is failing us. A biden government will fail us. #VoteForBernie #M4A

    3. Nurses on the frontlines: can't get tested.

    @ananavarro I’m a nurse @ the frontline.... can’t get tested. We just got keep praying and hoping for the best.

    4. First responders: can't get tested.

    5. Nursing home workers: can't get tested.

    Talking to my sister now from Detroit. Works in a nursing home, showing signs with temp, went to emergency room, denied test because of shortage, sent home. "They're about to shut Michigan down."

    6. Police officers: can't get tested.

    Atlanta’s Top Cop tells me, she has more than half a dozen officers out sick with #COVID19 type symptoms, but they can’t get tested. The story at 5 @wsbtv

    7. People having trouble breathing: can't get tested.

    So @realDonaldTrump I woke up sick on March 8 fever, aches, chest pain/tightness, and cough. By March 11, I was having so much trouble breathing I was sent to the hospital. They gave me a flu test (which came back negative) and then was DENIED a test for Covid-19.

    8. People who have been sick for three days: can't get tested.

    welp. confirmed. even if u have the symptoms you can’t get tested. ive had a fever for 3 days, dry cough, shortness of breath, dizziness blah blah but can’t get a #coronavirus test in nyc at a facility that has them. ill be fine, but many won’t be. we need tests NOW.

    9. People exposed to people who tested positive: can't get tested:

    As a point of reference, I was exposed to a patient + dr who tested positive (dr spiked fever/vomited at work so was tested). I’ve been out for 10 days w/symptoms but denied a test but have been hounded to return to work w/no PPE available. This is how I got sick in the 1st place

    10. People with chronic illnesses: can't get tested.

    @JeffreeStar @pulte $HannaHawk I have Crohn’s and was in the ER recently for what my doctor said was probably COVID-19.I was never tested since there aren’t enough tests. My car broke down and I had to cancel my last college spring break because of my autoimmune disease. I need some positive vibes

    11. People on the 10th day of hospital isolation: can't get tested.

    @DrRobDavidson @dninci 10th day extremely sick in hospital isolation . No test kits here . We are just treating my symptoms as they show up CPAP helps me a lot

    12. Retired nurses: can't get tested.

    San Diego | Retired nurse, 70, denied Coronavirus test at local urgent care

    13. Immunocompromised: can't get tested.

    I can't get a test until tomorrow. I am #immunocompromised

    14. People who have been sick for a week with a weakened immune system: can't get tested.

    The state of florida will not test for the coronavirus if you dont meet the specific criteria. This is my mom. She has no spleen and a weakened immune system, they will not test her and she has been sick for over a week. Please help this spread. #coronapocalypse #Coronavirus

    15. People who worked closely with those in close contact with the virus: can't get tested.

    A coworker was on the Grand Princess. 2 visits to Kaiser and I still can't get tested for COVID. Been sick for over a week with ALL the symptoms. Celebs & athletes with no symptoms are getting tested daily. More money=better health care. Not right. @GavinNewsom @SpeakerPelosi

    16. People battling cancer: can't get tested.

    Everyone pray for my older sister Lala 😭 She's been battling cancer for YEARS now. And she's now at to the doctors, feeling sick. But They don't have enough tests to see if she has COVID19. PLEASE PRAY FOR HER 😭

    This is truly insane.