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19 Things That Accurately Sum Up How You Feel Right Now

Today was a good day.

How do you feel after the Supreme Court struck down DOMA and Prop 8?

1. Like this little kid about to have the best birthday party ever?

2. Like Ron Paul entering another dimension?

3. Like Jonah Hill doing karaoke into his hands?

4. Like a fabulous bird?

5. Like someone told you that you're not the father?

6. Like a seal that just heard someone say a dirty word?

7. Like a dog with arms?

8. Like Stephen Colbert's heart?

9. Like Gus on the couch?

10. Like you're in the club with NPH and Elmo?

11. Like Batman and Robin doing the cancan?

12. Like an inspirational sloth?

13. Like a polar bear traveling through space and time?

14. Like this pink-shirted legend?

15. Like a kid with a never-ending supply of sunglasses?

16. Like a bass player who just layed down a funky-ass groove?

17. Like Sylvester Stallone going for a swim in high socks?

18. Like giving a 10?

19. Or do you feel like Cookie Monster after seeing a cookie the size of a small child?