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The 23 Most Painfully Awkward Things That Happened In 2013

2013 was the cringiest year on record.

1. This heartwarming moment on the subway:

2. This travesty of a three-way handshake:

3. This woman's long journey down the runway:

4. This man's noble quest to find a chair:

5. This tennis umpire's uncontrollable bowel movements:

6. This world record for longest failed high five attempt:

7. These girls' fiery dance moves:

8. The alpha and the omega of slippery hugs:

9. Chris Bosh enjoying his very first piece of confetti:

10. This four-way high five failure:

11. And this four-way disaster too:

12. This man's never-ending battle against the bubble gum he thought he could trust:

13. This unfortunate animation:

14. Joseph Gordon-Levitt's failed swoop-shake:

15. The chest bump that never was:

16. This very rare and difficult to execute elbow five:

17. This man's itchy neck cover-up:

18. The day this dude realized he was not a child anymore:

19. The ol' finger to the eye celebration:

20. George Dub's dance moves:

21. This subtle hand grab:

22. ...Yet another Finger Eye Five™:

23. And the saddest thumbs-up ever: