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The 50 Best Halloween Costumes Of 2012

Keep in mind: There are only 364 days until the next Halloween! Here are some ideas for next year!

1. Chatroulette:

2. Stupid Sexy Flanders:

3. N***as In Paris:

4. Obama's "Hope" Poster:

5. Baby That-One-Dude-From-LMFAO:

6. The Ruined Ecce Homo Painting:

7. Goldeneye N64:

8. White Trash Avengers:

9. Mugatu From "Zoolander":

10. The Witches From "Hocus Pocus":

And All-Male "Hocus Pocus":

11. Jon Snow From "Game Of Thrones":

12. Captain Canada:

13. A 7-foot-tall guy as A Regular Guy On Stilts:

14. Kid Riding A Jetpack:

15. The Mayor Of Townsville From "Powerpuff Girls":

16. Sadaam Hussein Bolt:

17. "Jersey Shore" 50 Years Into The Future:

18. Little Don Draper From "Mad Men":

19. Jonah Hill In "Superbad":

20. A Guy Caught In A Hurricane (no wind involved):

21. Seven Johnny Depps:

22. Blake From "Workaholics":

23. A Cat Scratcher:

24. Your Awkward Yearbook Photo:

25. The Fresh Prince And Carlton

26. Grumpy Cat:

27. That One Dude In The "Gagnam Style" Video:

28. "E.T.":

29. Male Spice Girls:

30. DumbleDora The Explorer:

31. A Baby Work-Loader From "Aliens":

32. The "Ancient Aliens" Guy:

33. Baby Marty McFly:

34. A Bag Of Eminems:

35. Krum From "Aaah! Real Monsters":

36. The Gang From "King Of The Hill":

And The Gang From "South Park":

37. The Bad Guys From "Home Alone":

38. Baby "Saw":

39. "Mario Kart":

And The Final Lap Guy From "Mario Kart":

40. Guy Fieri:

41. Professor Lorax:

42. Here's Johnny! From "The Shining":

43. Tan Mom:

44. Mom Wayne And Baby Garth From "Wayne's World":

45. The Leg Lamp From "A Christmas Story":

46. Plank And Johnny From "Ed, Edd, and Eddy":

47. Mourning Banana:

48. The Last Human in The Universe From "Doctor Who":

49. Bob Ross:

50. Snooki's Baby Lorenzo:

And... uhh... this: