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The 50 Best Halloween Costumes Of 2012

Keep in mind: There are only 364 days until the next Halloween! Here are some ideas for next year!

1. Chatroulette:

2. Stupid Sexy Flanders:

3. N***as In Paris:

4. Obama's "Hope" Poster:


5. Baby That-One-Dude-From-LMFAO:

6. The Ruined Ecce Homo Painting:

7. Goldeneye N64:

8. White Trash Avengers:

9. Mugatu From "Zoolander":

10. The Witches From "Hocus Pocus":

And All-Male "Hocus Pocus":

11. Jon Snow From "Game Of Thrones":

12. Captain Canada:

13. A 7-foot-tall guy as A Regular Guy On Stilts:

14. Kid Riding A Jetpack:

15. The Mayor Of Townsville From "Powerpuff Girls":

16. Sadaam Hussein Bolt:

17. "Jersey Shore" 50 Years Into The Future:

18. Little Don Draper From "Mad Men":


With apple juice in tow.

19. Jonah Hill In "Superbad":

20. A Guy Caught In A Hurricane (no wind involved):

21. Seven Johnny Depps:


From left to right: Raoul Duke ("Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"), Jack Sparrow ("Pirates of the Caribbean"), The Mad Hatter ("Alice in Wonderland"), Sweeney Todd ("Sweeney Todd"), John Dillinger ("Public Enemies"), Edward Scissorhands ("Edward Scissorhands"), Willy Wonka ("Charlie and the Chocolate Factory").

22. Blake From "Workaholics":

23. A Cat Scratcher:


"For girls dressed as sexy cats."

24. Your Awkward Yearbook Photo:

25. The Fresh Prince And Carlton

26. Grumpy Cat:

27. That One Dude In The "Gagnam Style" Video:

28. "E.T.":

29. Male Spice Girls:

30. DumbleDora The Explorer:

31. A Baby Work-Loader From "Aliens":

32. The "Ancient Aliens" Guy:

33. Baby Marty McFly:

34. A Bag Of Eminems:

35. Krum From "Aaah! Real Monsters":

36. The Gang From "King Of The Hill":

And The Gang From "South Park":

37. The Bad Guys From "Home Alone":

38. Baby "Saw":

39. "Mario Kart":

And The Final Lap Guy From "Mario Kart":

40. Guy Fieri:

41. Professor Lorax:

42. Here's Johnny! From "The Shining":

43. Tan Mom:

Photo By Joseph Lin

44. Mom Wayne And Baby Garth From "Wayne's World":

45. The Leg Lamp From "A Christmas Story":

46. Plank And Johnny From "Ed, Edd, and Eddy":

47. Mourning Banana:

48. The Last Human in The Universe From "Doctor Who":

49. Bob Ross:

50. Snooki's Baby Lorenzo:

And... uhh... this: