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23 Things People Do That Make Them The Shittiest Person On The Planet

Relatively speaking.

1. Doing this with toilet paper:

2. Leaving the table at a fast-food place like this:

3. Pretending everywhere in the grocery store is your own private shelf:

4. Parking like your car is the most important thing in the world:

5. Leaving your shopping cart wherever you please:

6. Or leaving your trash in the cart:

7. Using the grocery store as your garbage can:

8. Leaving clothes all over the fitting room:

9. Using the beach as your own private garbage can:

10. Hovering in the middle of the intersection during a green light:

11. "Cleaning up" like this after camping:

12. Taking up extra seats to stretch during rush hour:

13. Doing THIS:

14. Leaving a movie theater like this:

15. Not using your turn signals:

16. Being the "high beams" guy:

17. Mistaking a plant for the trash:

18. Leaving your weights unracked:

19. Honking IMMEDIATELY:

20. Leaving the bathroom like this:

21. Becoming a one-person tornado when shopping:

22. Using nature as your own personal canvas:

23. And, finally, tipping like this:

You're the worst.

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