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22 Pictures Of The Absolutely Massive Crowds Protesting Joe Biden's Inauguration

Not what anyone was expecting.

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Over the last few weeks, there were concerns that massive protests would take place at state capitols across the country on the day of Biden's inauguration. Well, I'm here to tell you that their worst fears came true.

These protests are massive:

1. In New York: one dude with a flag.

Mark Leggiero is the one lone Trump supporter out in front of the NYS Capitol. He says he expected a few thousand ppl here and is disappointed. He said he drove 45 minutes for a peaceful protest

Twitter: @morganfmckay

2. Pennsylvania: someone with an "impeach China Joe" hoodie.

Breaking: a handful of demonstrators, some supporting Biden and others Trump are outside the state Capitol in Harrisburg. #wpxi

Twitter: @WPXIRickEarle

3. Florida: a lone man wearing a vest.

Man here at the State Capitol with a vest, pillow, MAGA hat. There are also strange “Go home “ signs @ActionNewsJax

Twitter: @bridgetteANjax

4. Kentucky: a man with a hat.

As of now, there’s just one protestor at the capitol...a man with a Trump hat who doesn’t like Governor Beshear or President-Elect Joe Biden.

Twitter: @philtvnews

5. Colorado: literally no one.

10 a.m. mountain time, noon in D.C., ⁦@JoeBiden⁩ is President, ⁦@KamalaHarris⁩ is Vice President, and no rallies or protests and minimal security here at the state Capitol in Denver ⁦@CPRNews⁩

Twitter: @hartoutwest

6. Montana: this guy.

INAGURATION DAY: So far, a quiet morning at the Montana State Capitol.

7. Minnesota: just a lot of snow.

Minnesota State Capitol is quiet on Inauguration Day with no sign of rallies or protests at this time. #mnleg @tpt #tptAlmanac @NewsHour

Twitter: @mlahammer

8. Michigan: a handful of demonstrators.

At 12 Noon the scene outside of the Michigan State Capitol is a quiet one. Just a handful of demonstrators out along S. Capitol Avenue. @WWJ950

Twitter: @JonHewettWWJ

9. Pennsylvania: no one.

As Joe Biden takes oath in nation’s Capitol All is calm at the state Capitol. ⁦@abc27News⁩

Twitter: @Owens_abc27

10. Nevada: four people with a few signs.

With "China Joe Biden" and "America died today" signs, 4 protesters show up to the Nevada State Capitol as President Biden is inaugurated @LasVegasSun

Twitter: @rickytwrites

11. Tennessee: two dudes, one in a gas mask.

The reality of Inauguration Day protests at the #tennessee state capitol. A veteran, wearing a #MAGA hat holding a flag, watches another man in a gas mask. @WSMV

Twitter: @JFinleyreports

12. California: a guy in a MAGA hat.

One Trump supporter in a red MAGA hat stood outside the California Capitol as President Joe Biden took the oath of office. #InaugurationDay @sfchronicle

13. Mississippi: no one.

Added security around State Capitol today including sharpshooter on adjacent building, state troopers and added officers. But no sign of any protesters.

Twitter: @courtneyannj

14. Arizona: one dude in a red hat.

I’m in Phoenix at the Arizona State Capitol for the inauguration. A handful of reporters and one dude in a MAGA hat. There are now two fences plus barbed wire around the Capitol. For now, looks like Trump supporters heeded the call to stay home from local GOP leaders.

Twitter: @RMac18

15. Texas: one Biden supporter.

The Lone Protester at the Texas State Capitol calls for healing and unity in the United States...and promises not to be violent. @KRLD

Twitter: @chrisfoxtsn

16. North Carolina: one very confused man wearing a hard hat with an alternate-colors Confederate flag.

As Joe Biden is sworn in as president, one man is outside the NC State Capitol Building with an orange, green and white confederate flag wearing a hard helmet and a gas mask. He believes the confederacy was misunderstood and he does not condone slavery. @FOX46News

Twitter: @_JasonHuber

17. North Carolina: some grass.

The grounds of the State Capitol in Raleigh are quiet and blanketed by law enforcement who stand prepared for any Inauguration Day disruptions. Have only seen two protestors in the area, older gentleman standing on sidewalk wearing Trump and USA shirts. #ncpol

Twitter: @BrianSamuel92

18. Georgia: three people kinda hanging around.

The three protesters outside the Georgia State Capitol are live-streaming Biden’s speech. Though she isn’t happy about the outcome of the election, Elizabeth Webb (right) says she’s willing to give him a chance.

Twitter: @ShaddiAbusaid

19. Oregon: a nice sunrise.

President Joe Biden was inaugurated this morning in DC. In Salem, things are quiet at the state capitol. #LiveOnK2

Twitter: @keaton_thomas

20. Wisconsin: six people.

Beautiful (cold) day at the Wisconsin State Capitol. There are about six protesters here total - far outnumbered by journalists and law enforcement officers.

Twitter: @SavannaTomei

21. Nebraska: three people with flags.

3 protestors at the Nebraska Capitol building during @POTUS Biden’s #Inauguration The flag says “Biden is not my President”

Twitter: @marlolundaktv

22. Illinois: no one.

The clock strikes 11 and @JoeBiden is the 46th President of the United States. There are no protesters at the Illinois Capitol. #twill

Twitter: @MikeMiletichTV

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