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25 Pictures That Are So Damn Dumb But So Damn Funny

Turn ya mind off for a minute.

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1. The joy of birth:

2. Holy matrimony:

3. Boop boop:

4. Full bros:

5. Important pastas:


7. Salami secrets:

8. Cat stuff:

9. The life and times of Ice Cube:

10. Supportive suns:

11. The duality of cups:


13. The origin of a hero:

14. Everybody's favorite topping:

15. The showering process:

16. Thank:

17. STONK:

18. Very rare dairy:

19. Familial warnings:

20. Life goals:

21. Just a baby tryin' to make a change:

22. How real ones eat a burger:

23. The Rock's greatest enemy:

24. Froop:

25. And, finally, a typical Friday:


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