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42 Sentences That Would Not Have Made Any Sense 10 Years Ago

What a difference a decade makes. Inspired by this Reddit thread.

1. Ah, man, I accidentally liked her photo.

2. It's in the cloud with the rest of my data.

3. I store everything in the cloud, don't you?

4. Reblog my selfie.

5. Make sure you put hashtag no filter on that 'gram.

6. Hold on, I'll just take a picture with my phone real quick!

7. I have Angry Birds on my phone.

8. I have over 2,000 followers.

9. My internet is down so I can't watch TV.

10. I dropped a Blackberry on the ground and it shattered.

11. I'll follow you if you follow me; don't worry I don't tweet much.

12. The Wi-Fi password is "PRESIDENTBARACKOBAMA."

13. Let me recharge my cigarette real quick.

14. Oh, and let me recharge my book.

15. Can you Kik me?

16. Yelp says to try the gluten-free bison burger with kale and quinoa.

17. Shoot me a text.

18. That pumpkin latte is so basic.

19. She added me as a friend last night.

20. And then unfriended me two weeks later.

21. My cyberstalker keeps poking me.

22. This Airbnb is so ratchet.

23. Planking, Gagnam Style, and the Harlem Shake are all ancient history.

24. Kim Kardashian has a big app.

25. Make sure you delete your cookies.

26. Be careful not to get catfished on Tinder.

27. Right swipe him! Right swipe him!

28. We're 69% compatible.

29. That Vine is sexy as hell.

30. I'll Skype you when I find a hotspot.

31. I can't wait to print my new gun.

32. I wish you didn't favorite that.

33. The 6 Plus might just be too big for me.

34. No, # sign means hashtag, not pound.

35. Everyone owns the U2 album. EVERYONE.

36. McDonald's should have never used that hashtag. It was disrespectful.

37. IDK, my BFF Jill.

38. I got a new Blu-ray at Redbox.

39. Let me heart that on Instagram.

40. I'll Venmo you for the Uber.

41. Were you able to get the 2048 block?

42. It cost me $60 to fill up my gas tank.